Deborah Driessen


August 2, 1998

Eindhoven, NB, Netherlands




Before I started doing motocross 1,5 year ago, I never expected I could have so much
love and passion for a sport. I have always loved doing sports. I did many different
kind of sports but there is nothing that can beat the feeling from the moment when I
swing my leg over my bike and fire that engine up.
I’m the first one in the family riding dirtbikes, that’s mainly the reason I only started
on the age of 23. Because of the late start I know I have to work really hard, to get
where I want to be. But I will give everything I got with so much pleasure because
every second I get to spend on a dirtbike is totally worth it. And I definitely believe,
that if you really want something, you can do it!
I love to see how Women’s motocross is growing around the world, and that there are
so many bad ass women doing bad ass sports. I feel honored to be a member of the
Hardcore Candy team and contribute to such a great initiative. Girlpower!

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