Isabella Sophia Morgan


June 28, 2008

Barrie, ON, Canada




My name is Isabella Morgan, I am 15 years old and have always been passionate about the sport of motocross. I was two years old when I started riding with my dad on trails and found my love and passion for the sport of motocross. I started racing at Burnt River off-road facility at eight and always had my Mom and Dad’s support. When I started racing motocross I was not as fast as others who had been racing dirt bikes their whole lives, but that never stopped me from keeping my head up and remembering that just meant I needed to put my heart and soul into my dream of being a woman’s pro champion. I have grown thanks to my parents. I would not be where I am today without their support, they have made it possible for me to win the titles I have in motocross. I as a 15-year-old have suffered two broken backs T 12 and L 5 wedge fractures went on to win amateur girls 9-16 Title at Deschambault Quebec as well as placed eighth and sixth for sixth overall that weekend in my WMX Pro, and then during the FIM international event at Moto Park I had broken my back again suffering T 7 burst fracture well leading the event. In my 2023 season I was racing in AMO and TVR and was performing excellent  in my moto’s with podium finishes until I went into the first WMX Pro moto of the season and I messed up in the roller section at Gopher Dunes well being in fifth about to pass fourth and third I broke my tib and fib messing up my whole season since that was the first WMX Pro moto of the year meaning I will be going into 2024 as number 92 not national number 8e (east). I have been working very hard for the 2024 season, I go to an amazing gym called F45 and I also go to LA fitness everyday to make sure I am prepared for whatever conditions I will have to face during my 2024 season.

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