Leanna Carriere


January 1, 1970

Edmonton, AB, Canada


Endurance Cycling

Leanna Carriere is not afraid to take the road less traveled. Exploring, sports, creating new opportunities for adventures, and giving back to communities. Leanna possesses grit day in and day out toward achieving her goals. Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Leanna was always striving to excel in sport. Athletics provided her with an outlet where she felt most free to be herself and empowered her to attempt many great things. Leanna became Canada’s first female decathlete in 2015 and received a Global Edmonton Women of Vision award for this accomplishment. She competed internationally for Canada in pole vault from 2008-2016. Before her track and field career, she had competed in gymnastics, tennis, and squash all of which she received her coaching certification and would volunteer and work with kids in sports programs such as Fast and Female, KidsSports, and Girl Guides of Canada. Leanna has a passion for outreach, inspiring and teaching others to get the most out of their abilities. She has been a personal trainer for over twenty years and has had the chance to work alongside some of the best coaches/trainers in the world. Along with physical sport development Leanna values exploring human psychology concerning behavior and overall health. She has taken various personal development courses over the years in the context of post-secondary leadership, personal growth, and company management for multi-sports organizations.

After Leanna’s track and field career and having her daughter Adalynn, she started training in endurance sports. Leanna found herself lost running in the trails, swimming in open water, and biking in the mountains. Nature and the outdoor spaces became her playground and where Leanna grew her passion for the environment. She would push the need for exhilaration in sport by starting to race longer and more extreme events such as the Mt. Everest Marathon, the Patagonman extreme triathlon, one of the hardest globally, and various Ironman events.

Along with being a personal trainer/endurance athlete/mom she co-founded a chocolate company with her sister called 7 Summits Snack. A chocolate company geared towards adventurous souls.

Leanna is striving to become an athlete activist, realizing and learning more about the effects climate change has on the environment and the uncertain future it might hold if we don’t start acting now. As an athlete, she is now standing up to fight for the health of the environment through her athletic endeavors. Healthy planet, healthy humans.

Grit is one of Leanna’s strongest characteristics. “Grit is the passion and perseverance for very long term goals, having stamina, sticking with your future day in and day out for years and working really hard to make that future a reality.” Angela Lee Duckworth

Follow Leanna’s journey @leanancarriere and @wingsofsurvival.com

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