Marie Pontini


December 12, 1980

Montreal, QC, Canada



Marie Pontini is a former chemical engineer, director and business owner.
She was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2016. Within a few months, her condition degraded very quickly, leading to severe cognitive impairments that forced the end of her career.She was diagnosed with Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (hEDS) in 2017 and went through a weight loss of 165lbs after the paralysis of her digestive system.
So far, she has undergone over 30 surgeries under complete anesthesia.In 2018, with unbearable neuropathic pain, Marie started bodybuilding as a way to empower herself over the situation.
“I fight the pain of my body with the pain of the gym, because that pain, I CHOSE it.”
Bodybuilding also gives her a feeling of fulfillment, personal achievement and harmony with her body.

She started competing in 2019, and just won 2nd place at the prestigious Arnold Amateur USA 2024 competition.
Provided her health allows it, she intend to compete for the win at the Arnold Amateur USA in March 2025.

Over the years, Marie has had to make adaptations to her training and nutrition as both of her conditions progress.
Her only way to train is by using a mind-muscle connection method without any external load.

Not only Marie have to constantly adjust to new constraints imposed by chronic illness, but her determination to live an empowering life has forced her to reconnect with her true-self to completely redefine her identity, thoughts and vision of life.

Through her Instagram page, Marie shares about her growth through unconditional happiness, resiliency and self-love.
She’s hoping her path can be helpful for others to empower themselves through their own journey.

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