When we were little, my brother and I used to ride little dirt bikes around my parents’ acreage. I started on a QR50 and ended on a TTR110. After graduating highschool, I moved to Queensland’s capital city, Brisbane, to pursue a rural kid’s dream of going to University. I studied for 3 years.

April 17, 1996

Maryborough, QLD, Australia



Trail Riding, Enduro

In those 3 years I fought Muay Thai/kickboxing at an amateur level.I have since left the City and moved back to rural towns for work. I had to find another hobby to challenge me that was also accessible – since December 2021, and thanks to my wonderful partner, that has been enduro/trail riding.

My main long term goal at the moment is to race Tatts Finke Desert Race in 2025. To do that I have to start racing and competing, which is my short term goal.

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