Katherine Kearney


“Training in the weight room is a way we can celebrate what our bodies can do” -Katherine

January 1, 1970

Canmore, AB, Canada


Fitness Model

Katherine started as a personal trainer in 2019 aiming to help others in the gym. Weight training can help with optimal self care. She first started weight training as a means to find inner strength and as a result has overcome life barriers and maintain as sense of wellness.

She is an advocate for preventative care and health intervention and believes that weight training is the best way to accomplish it.

We need specific training goals along with a personalized training program to support hormone health, and muscle growth. Katherine can you help you achieve this.  She is known to be compassionate, educated, and hopes to help you learn to love what it takes to reach your goals.

It is important to her, so she can give back, and enhance her personal service to others. Being responsible to help navigate many unique goals and personalities is a gift she has, and her clients feel comfortable working with.

Coach Katherine believes it is important that women have a knowledgeable strong female role model to support female training. This includes increasing awareness and education that women can train to support their cycles including having sufficient rest periods.

One of her business goals is to continue to integrate female physiology into our daily dialogue so the word ‘period’ isn’t a swear word or easily dismissed. It’s her profession to help women feel comfortable and confident in a healthy environment in and out of a weight room. Some of her education presented to clients and will continue to integrate into her personal training business is to increase awareness of female cycles, and periodization approaches that work with physiology. Mimicking a male’s periodization program isn’t what is best for females. Fitness is to enhance our lives, it is an art and it is a science, and I am blessed to be working in this industry.

Her ability to walk the walk, and talk the talk has been evident in her competitions as she strives to be at her best. She is a 2-year winning International ProElite Fitness model and has won various pageant titles.

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