Tess Dakota


July 15, 1998

Mackenzie, BC, Canada



Snowboard Cross

Tess was introduced to the snowboarding world at the age of two, sliding down a hill in her back yard in Mackenzie, BC, Canada. When she was 5, Tess’s parents gave her and her brother the choice of moving to Mexico, a life on the beach, or the mountain life at Big White Ski Resort. The choice was easy. Tess entered her first race at Big White when she was six years old, coming in s in econd place only behind her brother.

At the age of 14, snowboarding took off in a big way for Tess when she was picked up by the BC Snowboardcross team, and boardercross became her top priority. Tess committed time for training on and off snow, got more opportunities to travel for competition, and began to do most of her school work on the road.

After 4 successful years on the BC team, claiming the North American title and winning back to back Jr. National Championships, she was able to take another leap towards her dreams. In the summer of 2014 Tess joined her mentors and was announced as a new member of the Canadian National Snowboardcross Team.

Training alongside Canadian legends, Maëlle Ricker and Dominique Moltais, Tess got to push her riding to new levels and has been continuously moving up the ladder ever since. In the last few seasons Tess earned herself a number of top ten results on the World Cup circuit and has stepped onto the World Cup podium a few times in the Team event.

After 8 years of full time commitment to snowboard cross Tess achieved her lifelong dream by attending the 2018 Winter Olympics in PeyongChang! She raced her heart out for Canada and feeling the countries support Tess rode away with the top Canadian result, and an experience of a lifetime! Eager for another chance to step on the Olympic podium, she is continuing to work hard and push her limits to be amongst those contributing to the Canadian medal count in the 2022 Beijing Games.

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